Start the New Year Right with these 7 Daily Health Hacks


Life comes at you pretty fast. Once you’re in your groove, then it’s hard to get out of it.  Daily routines are what get us through the day, keep us organized, help maintain motivation, and ensure a complete and productive day.  We have some great ideas to help you start the New Year off right and get into positive habits!

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The best way to stay healthy and energetic is to start the day in just that way.  Here are our tips to stay fresh and keep your days awesome and healthy throughout 2020 and beyond!

7 Great Habits to Start Every Day Healthy in 2020!

Stretch the Cobwebs Away

It’s well documented how some of the most successful people in the world are early risers.

7 Daily Health habits

You don’t have to wake up that early to get everything started on the right foot but all the time you stay in bed past the time that you know you should be will only add pressure to your day.

Pressure is stress, and stress is bad.

Waking up late causes anxiousness as you hurry and scuttle around trying to wake up and make up for the lost time.

Avoid it all!

Get up.  Avoid that sour stomach.  Breathe.  Drink water.  Do some stretching and give yourself time to gather yourself to your very best and then tackle the day.

Music Does a Body and Mind Good

Play some tunes on the way to work and get motivated.  Let your mind start pumping out those endorphins with motivating music on the car ride or commute to work.

listen to music to stay healthy

Studies show that music will help relax our minds and give a little kick of extra energy.

You can use that extra boost at the office to get right into work and start your day off as productive as possible.

Drink Water!

What are the chances that people still aren’t drinking enough water?  Pretty high, actually.  People constantly underestimate how much water they should be drinking or they have great intentions but fall off throughout the day.

Young girl drinking water from a glass.
Little girl drinking clean water on a bed. She is staying healthy by staying hydrated.

You should do your very best to start the day with 12 oz of water to get your metabolism going.  Then, throughout the day aim to drink at least 8 more glasses of water.  At least.

Carry a reusable water bottle with your favorite filtered water (we like alkaline)

Be Kind and Compliment

Be that person who tries to bring people up rather than put them down.  By complimenting others you’ll not only make their day better, but it will do wonders for your own positive frame of mind and make you more productive and more mentally healthy.

If someone makes you smile, then go ahead and pay it forward right away and let them know how much you appreciate it!

Love Yourself

Be nice to yourself just like you are to others. It’s okay!

Self-love and a positive self-conscious is very important to how we operate on a daily basis.

By feeling good about yourself, you’ll smile more and smiling releases endorphins for a more positive and happier frame of mind.

So, even if you have to force a smile, it can still work great!

Get Adequate Rest

Get at least 8 hours of sleep daily if possible.  This is not to be taken lightly.

Feeling refreshed and not sluggish and tired is HUGE in how optimally we operate every day.

Get & Stay Active

Get in a workout at least 3 to 5 times per week.

start the new year off right

Exercise helps out muscles and our mood.  Take walks.  Use the stairs.  Or, get a membership to a local gym and make working out just part of who you are.