Hydro Logic Stealth RO200 Review


If you are shopping around for reverse osmosis water filtration systems, typically they are these huge bulky affairs that look like a long day of reading instructions and fiddling around. However, not all models are quite so complicated. The Hydro Logic Stealth RO200 is one of those models.

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This particular system is made for people who have an idea of how RO systems already work or have a specific task they need the water for. By leaving out some of the accessories like the storage tank and the extra faucet, you can basically modify it for what you want it to do.


This 3-stage filtering machine seems like should do a bad job at it, but it actually keeps up, and at times surpasses, larger models like you wouldn’t believe. Unlike most average reverse osmosis systems that are only able to do, at most, 75 gallons of pure water per day, this little beast can do well over 200 gallons. However, that speed comes with some sacrifices.

Thankfully, none of those sacrifices are in the filtering quality. It runs the water through a carbon filtering stage, a membrane, and then a polishing stage before you get your water. Even though it undergoes less filtering, the water has a decent contact time so you still get 98 percent of contaminants removed. While the filter will need to be replaced on occasion, the model also comes with its own membrane flushing kit so you have to replace the membrane much less often.

As for how fast it filters, that depends on your water pressure. The higher the pressure, the faster this model will work. As it is small and compact, meant to be mounted to a wall rather than tucked away under the sink, you can also watch it work. As you are watching that fresh water eek out, you will also notice a significantly less amount of waste water if you have used other models. Typically, reverse osmosis systems produce four gallons of waste water to one gallon of pure water, but this model only has a 2:1 ratio.

So what about those aforementioned sacrifices? Well, there are a few things. The first and most important thing to remember when buying is that this system has no automatic shut off valve. This means that if you leave it on, you will just be letting water run down the drain, and you also may have a mini flood on your hands. However, if you have a storage tank, you won’t need to turn it on much during the day.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a storage tank. However, it does come with all the necessary connections to attach the machine to a storage tank of your choosing. It also comes with connections so that you can attach it to a faucet, but you must remember to turn on the filtration machine before you turn on the faucet.

In terms of ease of use, the Stealth flounders a little bit, but for such a small package, it does a mighty impressive job at filtering water with quality and speed.