Home Master TMAFC Artesian Review


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The Home Master Artesian advertises itself as the “better” reverse osmosis system, claiming to fix the common problems that are associated with reverse osmosis systems. If you are buying an RO system for the very first time, you probably won’t notice anything different, but if you have dealt with reverse osmosis filtration systems before, the Home Master can be a dream.

Typical reverse osmosis systems, particularly if you cheap out on one, have problems with slow water flow and absolutely maddening inefficiency. However, not only does the Home Master save water, but it fills quickly and works like a dream, making it the only filtration system you will ever want.


This 7-stage water filtration system produces nothing but the best results by taking water through multiple carbon filtering stages before it gets to the membrane. However, what often makes the Home Master Artesian preferred over other reverse osmosis water filtration systems is that it put minerals that are filtered out back in the water without you having to do anything extra to it, it is just one of the stages.

Of course, it doesn’t take the minerals from the waste water, but rather adds them in to give the water a better pH and a much improved taste. Through its patented full-contact technology, the Home Master Artisan adds back calcium and magnesium to the water twicethroughout the filtering process to make sure you get the best tasting, healthiest water possible. Of course, that is made all the better by the filtration process that removes 98 percent of contaminants and chemicals.

While the Home Master Artesian works like a dream, what sets it apart from almost every other model of reverse osmosis filtration system there is how fast it works. One of the major complaints about these types of filtration systems is how slow they work, even if the water is worth it. However, the Home Master Artisan filters twice as fast as other models, pushing out around 75 gallons of pure clean water per day.

As the Home Master Artesian features a modulated filtration system, this not only saves initial installation space, but it makes filters super easy to use. You won’t need a wrench to change them out, just unscrew them like a water bottle from its cap and switch it to a new filter. That same ease of use extends to other parts of the installation of well. It’s easy to set up and install, and even easier to maintain. It is something you can do without tools and without the help of a plumber.

When the Home Master Artesian said it set out to fix the common problems associated with reverse osmosis filtration systems, it wasn’t lying. It addressed everything – canister filter housing leaks, slow flow rate, service challenges, and even the slightly acidic water – and then fixed them! However, the nicest part of all this is that it is backed by a five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer to make sure that you really did get a water filtration system that lasts a lifetime.

Best Price