Express Water 10-Stage Alkaline Water Filtration Review


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For most reverse osmosis water filtering systems, you can expect some stages, usually five to seven for a system that functions optimally, but when you see Express Water’s 10-stage system, well, that just kind of jumps out at you.

With 10-stages, it must produce liquid gold instead of water, right? Well, it is not quite that grand, but yes, the extra stages do produce some excellent water. With the addition of an alkanalizing system, it takes the extra acidity out of the water and adds in healthy minerals to make for better tasting and, as some believe, healthier water for your drinking pleasure.


While the Express Water is advertised as having ten stages of filtration, it is probably more accurate to say it has about five stages of actual filtration like most reverse osmosis systems which removes 99 percent of contaminants. It features three carbon stages, a membrane stage, and a polishing stage. However, after filtering through the membrane, there are five more stages before it gets to the polishing stage in which it goes through the pH balance, alkalinization, and remineralization of the water.


What is so special about drinking alkaline water? Some believe that it offers a number of health benefits compared to neutral or slightly acidic water. Many believe it keeps the body’s pH balanced, removes free radicals, flushes out acidic waste, and gives you cleaner skin. Whether it actually does any of that, it is not for us to decide, but this is easily the most thorough product for producing alkaline water.

As a 10-stage filtration system, you might expect something horribly complicated when you take the Express Water out of the box. However, while it is slightly larger and weightier than other systems, it is surprisingly hassle free to install. All the modules are clearly labeled so you know what each section does and what sections to replace, and they are all put together in a such a way that you can easily figure out where everything goes even if you are one of those people that ignores directions.

However, while it is relatively easy to install, what consumers really need to keep in mind is that there are a lot of different modules that they will eventually need to replace. Carbon filters, all three of them, will need to be switched out each year, the membrane can last quite a bit longer than that, but they will also need to switch out the alkalinization and remineralization modules when they run out, and you will certainly be able to taste the difference when that happens.

In the end, you are certainly getting some great clean water from the Express Water system, but just because it says it has ten stages doesn’t mean you are getting water that is any cleaner than any of the other models. However, it you want remineralized alkaline water, this is actually the best model for it. Many other models specialize in deionization or UV radiation, but very few actually create alkaline water quite as well as this system.

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