Aquasure Premiere Review Home Reverse Osmosis Filtration System



Most of our RO systems we research and review have just about the same daily capacity in regards to gallons per day (GPD).  Like our iSpring Review, this Aquasure Premiere RO system has a 75 GPD capacity.  In our experience, this is a pretty good amount of water for a household.

Features of the Aquasure Premiere Home RO System

  • Removes up to 99% of contaminants in most tap waters. These include:
      • Arsenic
      • Chlorine
      • Bacteria
      • Metals
      • Viruses
      • Lead
      • and lots more…
  • Provides great tasting, fresh and healthy drinking water for you and yours.
  • 75 GPD and with the encapsulated RO membrane the Aquasure Premiere is faster than most other reverse osmosis home systems.
  • Fantastic looking design that doesn’t draw attention or clutter.
  • Made in house by Aquasure with impeccable attention to detail and quality in filters, fittings, and other components.
  • Easy to self-install with simple, next-gen quick twist cartridge on and off.  The Hydrofit Quick Connectin and leak-proof shutoff valve make this a dependable and quick install system.
  • All lead-free tubing, faucets and other components.
  • Working pressure of 45 to 70 PSI.
  • 3-year warranty when registered as well as great tech support for the life of the system.

Our favorite features of the Aquasure have goto be that it is easy to install and the capacity is high at 75 GPD.

Many RO systems are so complicated that you’ll need a plumber that is familiar with these systems to get them hooked installed.  The Aquasure made it their mission to manufacture with precision and to make the system easy to get up and going quickly.

The capacity, while not as large as some of the home RO systems on the market today, is robust enough to support a family while still staying at a nice price point.

Coming in as a close 3rd and 4th of our favorite features on the Aquasure Home RO system is the great tasting, healthy water that it puts out as well as the Aquasure Quick-Twist cartridge system.

Possible Issues

The system isn’t the smallest.  It’s a bit bulky. And while it looks good in the kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough space in the right location to fit under the sink.