In the early 1990s the founders of this site were part of a volunteer, humanitarian effort in Africa to help provide clean drinking water for thousands. It is a passion as well as a business endeavor.

We believe that all people are entitled to clean drinking water.  It shames our hearts that we actually have a website that reviews the best reverse osmosis water filters while there are people…children…in some countries who struggle every day for a cup of potable water.

While reverse osmosis is not the cheapest way of filtering water, it is by far the more superior method.  Whether for home or office we are sure that you will find the water filtering systems within our pages a tremendous upgrade.

Reverse Osmosis filtration provides the cleanest, healthiest, toxin-free, and best tasting water of all filtration methods.

Like our home page begins, if you’ve ever traveled-even as close as the next town over-then you most assuredly have noticed a taste and quality difference in tap waters.  Ever wonder what chemicals go into the water to make it potable?

We regularly take the time to look at data from around the “green” community to ensure that all of our information is:

  • Up to date- We look at competitive data and technical data the most.
  • Responsible- Green is the need, these days.  Our Earth is suffering and only we can help to sustain here.  We do our best to find energy-efficient filter systems.
  • Honest- You’ll never find a product on these pages that haven’t gone through a series of stringent uses by professionals.

We hope that you have found gained some knowledge and buying intelligence from our pages.


Dominic Grady, Editor and Water Fan


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