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Water Safety and Awareness

We take safe clean drinking water for granted in the United States.  We go so far as to purify the purified, clean the cleaned, filter the filtered, and sell the heck out of it to people.

Clean drinking water is importan and our duty here at WaterOsmo.com is to keep you updated on the best options for home water filters, healthy drinking water, and how to conserve all the water that you and your family can.

World Water Conservation Goals and Actions

In 1993, the United Nations designated March 22nd as “World Water Day”.

This markation was meant to bring awareness to the large importance of managing the Earth’s freshwater sources.  The UN’s #6 sustainable Development Goal is to end the crisis and bring safe, sanitized water for ALL by the year 2030.

Best Home Water Filters Options

We strive to present EVERY option that you have at your disposal for ensuring that you and your family drink only the safest water that best suits your needs.

We’ve reviewed Reverse Osmosis machines, water ionizer and countertop akaline machines, as well as the best RO and bottled alkaline water in stores.

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